Fishing Charters

Back Bay Fishing

Our back bay trips fish in the Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserve and in the Peace River, which together comprise one of the largest and most productive estuaries in the nation! There are more than 200 square miles of fishable water here and dozens of species of fish to target. Fishing here is year-round though there are some species of fish which are better at different times of year. We can target snook, redfish, sea trout, mangrove snapper, sheepshead, mackerel, sharks, tarpon and other species depending on the season. Most of the fishing is done in relatively shallow water with light spinning tackle and live bait.

Our most popular trip option is a half day (four hour) trip, though we do offer full day (eight hour) trips as well. Taking a trip is easy because we supply everything needed for fishing including bait, tackle, licensing and fish cleaning service. We do a lot of catch-and-release on these trips but we are happy for your party to keep enough legal, edible fish for a meal.

Back Bay Fishing, King Fisher Fleet

Deep Sea Fishing

Our deep sea trips fish in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico, usually within 10 to 25 miles of shore. We fish year-round and catch many different species of fish though some of the species are seasonal. We do a lot of bottom fishing with bait year round for grouper, snapper, porgys and other reef fish. Sharks, mackerel, kingfish, barracuda and amberjack are among our seasonal catches and may be caught on bait or by trolling. Whatever is on tap when you take your trip, we’ll supply all the needed bait, tackle, licensing and fish cleaning service.

Our deep sea trips depart at 8 am and return at 5 pm so you’ll want to pack a small cooler with food and drink and which you can use to carry home your cleaned fish. These trips often result in good numbers of kept fish so plan on being at the fish cleaning table for a while at trip’s end. We can accommodate up to six guests on these trips. Note: the six person total includes anglers as well as non-anglers, and passengers of all ages including children.

Deep Sea Fishing